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Would You Like To Take Advantage The Current Market Trend To Sell Your Note At Its Highest Value Even If You Didn't Check Your Payer's Credit?

If the answer is "YES" then call us now for a free consultation and to see if you qualify!

If your promissory note payments are still coming in, you may be eligible to sell your promissory note which can help you...

      Liquidate To Make A Better Investment

      Start A Business

      Pay Off Debt

      Go On Vacation

      It's Fast, Easy, and Secure


Banks have tightened their lending and loans are at an all time low. The problem is, very few people -even those with good credit- can get a loan. This means even borrowers with great credit are resorting to seller financing, thus raising the value of promissory notes. It is critical to take action now while you stand to receive the maximum price for your promissory note.

Even if you have been turned down in the past, it's very possible you'll now qualify for today's historically high pricing under the new market conditions.

If you would like to discuss your specific situation with a knowledgeable buyer to receive a free no-obligation fair market pricing analysis then give us a quick call right now at (760) 296-1573.

Call Now For Your
Free Pricing Analysis
(760) 296-1573
FREE Pricing Analysis From An Experienced Promissory Note And Mortgage Buyer
Call (760) 296-1573 or fill in the form below to get a free pricing analysis for your promissory note and trust deed or mortgage to see how much cash you could receive.

Contact An Experienced Mortgage and Trust Deed Buyer Today!
We bought a 2nd mortgage with a balance of $90,000 with an interest rate of 12%. There were 6 payments of $900 made with 30 payments remaining. The seller received $76,440 for their promissory note and they were happy to have the cash so they could go buy and sell houses for bigger profits!
"...Thanks for helping me to sell and close on the note. When I need to sell another note, I will definitely use your services again.”
- Donacin D.

Walnut Creek, CA

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