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How much money are you making currently? And do you love what you do?


How would you like to make $5,000-$10,000 per month per employee? I have two options for you depending on what level of involvement you're ready for. Each can help you achieve that goal.


If you're ready and serious about making money from home, then look no further than independently contracting with me, Andrew Distad. I purchase promissory notes secured by all property types in all 50 states. If you are already educated contact me and request a "quick start packet" so that you can fill out the form I require to be filled out to price your deals.


The steps to finding notes to assign to me for cash is simple. You market to find notes, you collect thorough information so that no more questions need to be answered while spotting the do-able deal (so you don't collect info on a deal you shouldn't have wasted your time collecting info on), you submit it for pricing, and make an offer. If it's accepted you get any needed documentation if you haven't gotten already and we move forward and fund the deal!


The Learning Curve
If you're new to the business or you have no idea what it is, you need to catch up on some reading. It's a really simple business but if you don't feel you have the confidence yet, just know that you soon will, and take it light for the first few deals. I have a special program designed just for this called the Lead Generator system:


Lead Generators
If you don't feel comfortable calling the holders of promissory notes and collecting their information, or you don't know what to do once you collect it, you can send your leads to me. I can pay you a more certain smaller lead generator's fee of $500 if the deal closes, rather than you receiving a less certain larger wholesaler's fee of 1,000-2,000K. If you don't know what you're doing because you’re un experienced or uncomfortable doing by yourself, lead generating is an easier way of doing the business -especially if you're great at marketing or managing people. You can make a business out of this simple model alone and hire people to generate leads.

Click here for more information about lead generators.


Mortgage Wholesalers

If you want to step it up and become a Mortgage Wholesaler to earn even more money, and take control to enlist lead generators of your own and learn a very rewarding business that puts you in control of your life then our Mortgage wholesaling course may be for you!


Including a workbook, DVD, and 5 Audio CDs that you can listen to again and again to help you learn the business, the mortgage wholesaling course shows you how to set up a business assigning purchase contracts to investors for a fee of what is typically anywhere from 1,000-2000 dollars for 1-10 hours of work per deal. You'll be so glad you took control of your destiny to start a business full of helping people solve problems and profits that reward you richly.



$1,000 (Free shipping)



If you want a guaranteed path to success to ensure you know how to close a deal, sign up for personal coaching that you will personally receive by Andrew Distad himself which includes the Mortgage Wholesaling course. Coaching comes with 40 hours of coaching but if you haven't closed a deal by the end of the 40 hours you will continue to receive coaching until you close a deal! GUARANTEED. 



$5,000 (Free shipping on wholesale course)


Fastest Closing in the Industry
Once we receive all requested documentation and have everything we need to close the deal, it should only take between 10-14 business days.

How Do You Start?
Decide. You must choose if you will do the business and commit. If you are not sure if you can commit, find out the info you need to know in order to commit. Then decide what level you will commit to. Do you just want to generate leads? Do you want to aggressively make money as a mortgage wholesaler? Or do you want expert coaching to put you on the fast track to success?

If you do know the business, and you're ready to move to the next level and start working with the industry's most competitive pricing and trustworthy transactions. Just call or e-mail to receive a quick start packet. It includes ways to get deals flowing across your desk, and my famous "Ultimate Worksheet" that saves you time and money.


After your first deal is closed you will feel empowered! -On top of the world! -Liberated! -And ready to do more deals faster, more frequently, more effectively and you'll make money like never before!
And remember, If you ever have any questions, just ask!
Andrew Distad

P.S. Here is some free stuff to get you going: 

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Request your free note finders quick start packet today!

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